Getting Started

We will help you understand the problem you are solving, define your solution and turn your business idea into a viable product.

Strategy Session

We help you to better analyze your business proposition and discuss it's viability in a strategy session. During our first meeting, we will discuss your requirements for the project and match you with one of our technical team members, so that they can assist and help you in creating a roadmap for the work.

Design Workshop

During our workshops, we will work with you to further define your product's features, functionality and any other elements of your business idea so we can start to sketch the basis of your product. Our team create initial mid-fidelity wireframes according, which will allow you to tweak make changes. Next step is to discuss branding, logos and build a company identity.

Software Development

After 4-weeks of user experience design testing, our team of software engineers will start developing the back-end and front-end architecture. During this period you will be responsible for overlooking the work done with a dedicated project manager.

Raising Capital

Raising investment is a vital part for every startup, from Facebook to Uber they all raised funding soon after going live. During this stage, we will present your business to our network of private, and venture capital investors. Often your first round of funding will take between 20-30% of equity (shares), funding an average $500,000 per founder.

Growth Marketing

Our dedicated marketing team will put growth strategies in place to grow your business. We use multi-channel platforms such as Apple, Facebook, Google & Programmatic. Mentors will guide you into incubator programs to further drive brand exposure to your startup. Weekly one-to-one meetings, investor pitches and marketing meetings to grow your business.